I Don’t Think The Word Values Means What You Think It Means

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OMFG. The New York Times has given me no other choice than to believe the rational reporters who once occupied it’s masthead, have been swallowed up by anti choice liberty chimps hell bent on destroying a once reality based newspaper.

In this latest op-ed, they have given printable space to someone claiming the domestic terrorists in the anti abortion movement promote “liberal values”.

Is it a liberal value to murder physicians who provide abortion? Is devoting your life to creating laws that block the full humanity of women a “liberal value?” Is it a “liberal value” to lie to women about the side effects of birth control and abortion? Is it a “liberal value” to force a person to die as the result of a pregnancy that is fatal? Is it a “liberal value” to scream at people and call them whores when they enter a clinic? Is it a “liberal value” to follow clinic workers home and scare them? Is it a “liberal value” to send a mass mailing to the neighbors of an abortion provider, that includes the words “baby killer” and their home address? Is it a “liberal value” to vote for candidates who don’t renew CHIP funding or cut Medicaid? And lastly, was it a “liberal value” when I, as a clinic escort, was deeply gouged because someone with these “liberal values, put a nail on the end of their protest sign and walked through our escort wall cutting people as a way to break our protective patient defense line so and they could gain access to chain themselves to the door of a clinic? If you need an answer it is no. None of these things are liberal values. These are the values of the anti-choice movement this author pulled out of the sty and slapped some lipstick on to try and convince us it had some value. This nation is in the fight of it’s life when it comes to access to safe and legal abortion. Hundreds of laws have been passed on a state level leaving almost 90% of the counties in the US without a clinic. 90 PERCENT. It’s not reported on, it’s not prioritized by politicians so 100% of anything people know about this terrifying attack of human rights is thanks to the reproductive rights activists and feminist press who are shouting it from the rooftops asking people to give a fuck! I mean how insane is it that Lady Parts Justice​ has to PUT ON A TELETHON to raise money to fight back against these people?!!

And to make matters worse, the New York Times, you know, the supposed “credible” media, not only continues to ignore that reproductive rights are near extinction, they are printing way too many unchecked op-eds from dangerous anti-choice zealots, or publishing articles asking us to see the softer side of white supremacists.

So it has become abundantly clear to me that the New York Times​ has lost any ability to see or understand the concept of values at all.

Never mind liberal ones.

  • Lizz Winstead is the author of this piece. She is the co-founder of Lady Parts Justice and co-creator of The Daily Show