#MythCrashers and America’s TRAP Law Queen

The Peener-in-Chief picked Americans United For Life’s former President and CEO, Charmaine Yoest, to be the SPOKESPERSON for the Department of Human Health and Services. Over the past decade, this TRAPlaw Queen has had a hand at churning out some of the most extreme pieces of state level anti-choice legislation, that we’re now facing one of the most dangerous years for people seeking abortion care since Roe. (Thanks, Char!) The Yoest infection has spent her entire career professionally lying about abortion, birth control, and the LGBTQ community, and this administration just decided to reward her behavior with MORE power and amplification! This appointment is SO dangerous that we cannot afford to sit back as she spreads bullshit like an enthusiastic child stuck in Freud’s anal stage. Our sister organization Lady Parts Justice League enlisted the LPJL #MythCrashers and ACTUAL doctor, Willie Parker, to debunk some of the ridiculous BS that she and her cronies have been circulating. Now if only they’d put down the turds and listen.

LPJ has been following the Americans United For Life BS for quite some time. Learn all about this extremely dangerous anti-choice group here.