Google, YouTube search is becoming an embarrassment!

For an AI-driven market leader of search with control over the second largest search engine on the internet today; YouTube. Google is doing a ridiculously bad job at making sense of search queries on YouTube and displaying relevant videos. So bad, that for some search queries, only 25% of search results were relevant, and none were personalized.

It all started today when I decided to look up brand names of a few companies that I happen to follow closely, thinking that I might stumble upon an interesting new product launch, tutorial, webinar, or interview.

Some of the brand names I looked up included companies like SEMRush, Ahrefs, CrazyEgg, Buffer & Moz, all of which are digital marketing related companies, so I’m assuming at least some of them have done their fair share of YouTube optimization.

Here is my breakdown of the results with images, as a logged out incognito on my Chrome browser, as well as logged in from my personal account (Which has over 10+ years of data):

  • Difference in results between incognito and regular search is minimal, search results were almost identical.
  • Logged in, only 25% of results were relevant (5 out of 20), and of those I had 1 channel and 1 playlist. Logged out/incognito results were actually better at 40% relevance, and relevant results ranked higher.
  • YouTube saw “Mozart” as a suitable result for Moz, and decided to display irrelevant results that had 33 views and were uploaded 2 days prior.
  • Even though my search history is clearly in English and Arabic, YouTube showed 50% of the results in different languages.

What is your experience with YouTube search? Do you usually have a pleasant experience searching for videos?

Logged in YouTube search results
Incognito logged-out YouTube search results
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