Melissa Lafsky Wall

Founder of Brick Wall Media, former editor at Newsweek and the Freakonomics blog, onetime lawyer, horror film groupie

The One Thing Upworthy Can Do to Truly Blow Our Minds

To beat the cynicism and prove its social commitment, the site will need to put its pageviews where its mouth is

Weiner & Spitz: The Dynamic Debauched Duo?

Weiner and Spitzer, Spitzer and Weiner. Since the notorious Love Gov announced his candidacy for comptroller this week, Eliot Spitzer and his just-as-disgraced peer, Anthony Weiner, have been portrayed as a solid unit, a set of evil twins in the New York electoral landscape. One is seldom mentioned in the press without the other — despite the…

Changing Jobs Every Year? No Problem. Leaving Coworkers Behind? No Way

I’m one of those people who gets attached — to my neighbor, to my friend’s dog, to the guy with the cowlick I see on the subway every day. And, especially, to my coworkers. I have no ability to keep business, “business only.” I cannot be happy in a work environment unless I’m surrounded by people to whom I feel a…