Lagos Business Academy provides a London Business Growth Hub

Lagos Business Academy provides a Business Growth Hub that supports UK tech business & diaspora startups based in London and provides Lagos market entry.

Our primary focus will be diaspora professionals who want to startup in London and may then consider doing business in Lagos, but are wary of the obstacles they face. We will run Professional Development courses and help them with product development and establishing trusted networks for Lagos Market entry.

The market research we conducted found that UK perception of “Business in Africa” was that of sceptism and a perception of failing economies. Another finding was that Africa was lumped into a single market which obviates the fact that 55 member states form the Africa Union, with varied culture, demographics and GDP index.

A World bank report states “How Tech Hubs are helping to Drive Economic Growth in Africa” [Jan 2016, Report Number102957]. Also According to Startup Genome’s 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking report, Lagos is the startup ecosystem with the highest value in Africa, valued at $2 Billion,

We are however not distracted by the narrative of “Africa Rising” and there is an urgent need to support the Lagos/Africa technology ecosystem. Steps in the right direction has recently seen the 2nd Africa Tech London Summit held 20 April to provide a platform that enables rapid and sustainable growth of the Africa tech ecosystem.

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