when life gives you meaninglessness, make meaning
Adé Olakiitan

Most of the times the strength to stay on and fight in the dearth of emotion we feel is extra-ordinary,could be as a result of those that were around us (whom we treat like shit because we just wanna be left alone, but they stayed because they understood). I was in this for much of 2015. I remember I witnessed an accident and I thought to myself what a lucky chap the victim was. I know how silly of me but I was in that funk so deep I wanted to be cancelled so bad. I got a job that year everyone was happy for me but I wasn’t, I had issues with integration,my mental state was a downer on my performance as this was a guy whose boss had waxed lyrically about before resumption and he wasn’t even arsed to close deals,I was not even interested in bonding with my new teammates, it went to far I pretty much sequestered myself from my friends. I have a low joy ceiling ( I think). I’m not there yet but happiness is a journey.

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