Creating content to learn from it

In my opinion the best use for blog writing and other social media is to learn. Learn about languages, learn about tech, learn about history and learn about whatever interests me.

When I write about kanjis or robots or any other thing I am interested in I learn a lot about it. I learn to explain what the thing is really about and what it means.

A good mnemonic has a strong visual image

Learning kanjis have been always difficult for me. There are many ways to learn them but for me the best way seems to be to create my own mnemonics for each of them. This takes a lot of time and tends to be a lonely task but maybe by writing about it in Medium and sharing the results in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will give me some feedback and hints on how to make it work.

Sometimes it is not that simple to come up with any mnemonic. But fortunately I had glasses when I was a kid

Either by associating a kanji with its elements or by creating a small story about it I can both create something tangible to remember by and also the process of creating these memory aids in itself makes me think deeper about them and helps me to remember them. It is also a fascinating journey into kanji’s aspects and history. There are so many ways how to look into them. And soon one can see the world through the kanjis.

In any case making a good mnemonic is part art part science
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