I tended to over analyze imaginary situations when it came to riding the MTA. Like whether or not I looked too provocative in case I got off late. That day I broke my own rule of not ever wearing a skirt on the train or bus. A silly rule broken by virtually every sane and secure woman around me.

They’re not following me, they’re just walking home too. The bus is super late as usual, and they said fuck it just like me. So why am I so paranoid? Because I never wear a skirt when I don’t have a ride, which is pretty much everyday. But today I wore a skirt because it’s super hot outside, and I’m entitled to wear a skirt in August just like everyone else. But why did I wear an orange one? What was I thinking? I must’ve forgotten I live in Baltimore. Temporary amnesia. These goons are watching me. And they’re the only two other people here. And where the hell is everyone else? I didn’t even get off that late. The 11:30 train always lets off a ton of people at Old Court. It’s only 9:50. And of course the bus would be super late on the one day I decide to wear a skirt after getting off work at night.

I’m overthinking. I live in the county, I’m fine. I don’t even watch TV but I’m out here thinking with a TV mind. Why would a couple of random guys hunt me down? I walk home often enough without ever entertaining these thoughts. I make it home unscathed every night. “Ain’t nobody looking at you girl is probably what they’re thinking.” They can read my irrational fear. They’re just trying to bum cigs, and get home. Probably headed in the same direction. I’ll just walk fast.

But I need to be more patient. I’m gonna be so upset if the bus comes after I waited an hour, and drives right past me. It’s happened before. Maybe I should just turn around and go back to the stop. No, screw it. No bus arrived during the nine o’clock hour. I’ll just end up waiting another hour and a half, then I’ll really be pissed. I can’t wait to get my license back.

A cab flashed it’s lights at me.

“I don’t have cash on me.” Wish I did.

“Get in! I got you!”

“Thanks so much, appreciate it.”

As soon as I shut the door, the two dudes banged on the window. They were that close behind me the whole time!? “You not gonna give us a ride too man, that’s messed up b. That’s crazy.” The cab driver sped off. “They almost had you. They were about to mess with you.” My heart never fluttered so fast. It was back to my big girl pants tomorrow.

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