8 Aspects to consider when choosing your perfect Influencer

No two influencer marketing campaigns are the same (well, they really shouldn’t be) and require careful planning and considered decisions to make it work for your brand. The most important part is collaborating with the right influencer. The creative force behind the campaign, marketers should always make sure that they find a perfect fit in terms of content, engagement and audience.

Finding the right influencer involves more than a quick Google search to find the list of the most followed YouTubers in your region. Before contacting your chosen ones, here are 8 aspects to analyse and consider.

1. How far can we reach?

2. How many likes and shares are average?

3. A way to more brand awareness?

4. Does the content work?

Hannah Witton & Lucy Moon for Match Batch

5. Who are they?

6. Do we like the reputation?

A happy, generally uplifting creators will lend a degree of happiness which will be felt by the audience. An industry expert can really help build trust in your brand. Depending on the influencer, it is possible to encourage different sides of your brand to be seen.

7. Who’s the audience?

So, go out and find influencers whose audience is your target market. If your brand makes fantastic kitchen gadgets, a YouTuber that specialises in cooking will be a great fit. Scanning and getting information on subscriber and follower demographics before deciding on an influencer will make sure you will hit the sweet spot.

8. What’s the budget?

Should the term ‘influencer marketing’ still send your head spinning, let us know and we will share more information with you.