Influencer what?

The latest marketing trend explained and why you should be doing it!

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where people with large followings online talk about or promote the benefits of a brand’s product of service. Instead of marketing directly to a large, targeted customer segment, the influencer will instead get the word out for you.

Often, influencer marketing is combined with both social media and content marketing. As most influencers nowadays have the highest impact on social media, the word is mostly spread via their channels rather than yours. Many of these campaigns also involve a content component, which is usually created in collaboration or by the influencer themselves.

But why now?

In a time where the digital market is booming and we are flooded with information daily, the right way to reach your consumer is more important than ever. We live in the digital age, where social media and its influence are becoming increasingly important. Looking back a decade, receiving a budget for any type of digital advertising was a struggle, but nowadays, influencer marketing has overtaken traditional forms of advertising.

Just looking at Google Trends shows the increasing interest, this trend is definitely going to be a big one in 2017.

And why is it proving to be so successful?

Firstly, with the information overload we are all exposed to every day, many people have started to install ad blockers. That way, the annoying pop ups and constant ‘buy me’ messaged are being controlled and we can peacefully surf the net. Looking at a recent report from KPMG almost half of the adult UK population has considered installing blockers. But why? People just don’t like ads or they feel like they are taking up too much space on the screen.

The good news is, people aren’t tired of brands, they are simply exhausted by all the advertisements. That is why influencer marketing is the ultimate way of avoiding ad blockers and traditional ways that may not get the needed recognition. Influencers reach their followers organically. They create a sense of community, of trust in the brands and can target a very specific audience. Often, their fans are highly engaged, share content readily and are keen to try what their idol has been talking about. Influencers have build their reputation over time and are often viewed as trustworthy and expert in their niche. Especially the millennial generation is perceptive to this type of marketing, they do not believe in traditional methods anymore. A simple ad simply doesn’t grab the increasingly short attention span. Word of mouth is key here, even it being the mouth of a key leader on say, Twitter. Being digital natives, YouTube is their playground and Instagram their scrapbook. They know their influencers and follow the latest trends. Influencer marketing is here to stay with the next generation of consumer’s focus on all things digital.

Do you have the right profile to do this?

If you, as a brand, aren’t already involved with influencer marketing, you might be looking forward to try it out soon or maybe you are still not sure about the benefits.

What we can confirm is that any brand of any size can use the fantastic power of influencers and the new approach to marketing. Depending on your situation and demographic, there will be a suitable social media leader out there, who can spread your brand message and bring great products to the masses.

If you have already started using key influencers in your strategy and know the overall benefits, one way to find new talent is to simply use an online platform to publish your brief and get the influencers to bid on your project. Do note that sometimes these platforms, being US centric, may have limited options of influencers and you may not get the best value for your money.

If you know the benefits of using an influencer but require assistance running the first campaign with full impact, look out for companies that can offer in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and trends, as well as listen to your business requirements and assist with identifying the influencers with the right demographics and context for your brand.

Should the term ‘influencer marketing’ still send your head spinning, let us know and we will share more information with you to help you figure out a test budget. Our reports and trend analysis will get you up to speed to what is currently happening in the UK/Europe market.