Here are the 256 representatives that just voted to reauthorize and expand unconstitutional NSA spying:

House roll call on final passage of S. 139, 1/11/2018

The House of Representatives just voted 256–164 to pass S. 139, which reauthorizes the U.S. government’s mass spying powers under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act. They also voted down an amendment that attempted to fix the worst parts of the bill and limit domestic spying on American citizens.

The bill heads to the Senate this Tuesday, and we only need 41 Senators to stop the vote. A bipartisan group of Senators are already threatening to filibuster, as it does not include Fourth Amendment protections for innocent Americans.

Contact your Senators right now by texting FREEDOM to 384–387 (tell them to vote NO on cloture and NO on S. 139)!

These are the House Representatives (both Democrats and Republicans) who voted in support of reauthorizing and expanding NSA surveillance:

Rep. Abraham

Rep. Aderholt

Rep. Aguilar

Rep. Allen

Rep. Amodei

Rep. Arrington

Rep. Bacon

Rep. Banks (IN)

Rep. Barletta

Rep. Barr

Rep. Barton

Rep. Bera

Rep. Bergman

Rep. Bilirakis

Rep. Bishop (GA)

Rep. Bishop (MI)

Rep. Blunt Rochester

Rep. Bost

Rep. Boyle, Brendan F.

Rep. Brady (TX)

Rep. Bridenstine

Rep. Brooks (AL)

Rep. Brooks (IN)

Rep. Brown (MD)

Rep. Brownley (CA)

Rep. Buchanan

Rep. Bucshon

Rep. Bustos

Rep. Byrne

Rep. Calvert

Rep. Carson (IN)

Rep. Carter (GA)

Rep. Carter (TX)

Rep. Cartwright

Rep. Castor (FL)

Rep. Chabot

Rep. Cheney

Rep. Clyburn

Rep. Coffman

Rep. Cole

Rep. Collins (GA)

Rep. Collins (NY)

Rep. Comer

Rep. Comstock

Rep. Conaway

Rep. Cook

Rep. Cooper

Rep. Costa

Rep. Costello (PA)

Rep. Cramer

Rep. Crawford

Rep. Crist

Rep. Cuellar

Rep. Culberson

Rep. Curbelo (FL)

Rep. Curtis

Rep. Davis, Rodney

Rep. Delaney

Rep. Demings

Rep. Denham

Rep. Dent

Rep. DeSantis

Rep. DesJarlais

Rep. Deutch

Rep. Diaz-Balart

Rep. Donovan

Rep. Dunn

Rep. Estes (KS)

Rep. Faso

Rep. Ferguson

Rep. Fitzpatrick

Rep. Fleischmann

Rep. Flores

Rep. Fortenberry

Rep. Foster

Rep. Foxx

Rep. Frankel (FL)

Rep. Frelinghuysen

Rep. Gaetz

Rep. Gallagher

Rep. Garamendi

Rep. Gianforte

Rep. Gibbs

Rep. Goodlatte

Rep. Gottheimer

Rep. Gowdy

Rep. Granger

Rep. Graves (GA)

Rep. Graves (MO)

Rep. Grothman

Rep. Guthrie

Rep. Handel

Rep. Harper

Rep. Hartzler

Rep. Hensarling

Rep. Hice, Jody B.

Rep. Higgins (LA)

Rep. Higgins (NY)

Rep. Hill

Rep. Himes

Rep. Holding

Rep. Hollingsworth

Rep. Hoyer

Rep. Hudson

Rep. Huizenga

Rep. Hultgren

Rep. Hunter

Rep. Hurd

Rep. Issa

Rep. Jenkins (KS)

Rep. Jenkins (WV)

Rep. Johnson (LA)

Rep. Johnson (OH)

Rep. Johnson, Sam

Rep. Joyce (OH)

Rep. Katko

Rep. Keating

Rep. Kelly (MS)

Rep. Kelly (PA)

Rep. King (IA)

Rep. King (NY)

Rep. Kinzinger

Rep. Knight

Rep. Krishnamoorthi

Rep. Kuster (NH)

Rep. Kustoff (TN)

Rep. LaHood

Rep. LaMalfa

Rep. Lamborn

Rep. Lance

Rep. Langevin

Rep. Latta

Rep. Lawson (FL)

Rep. Lipinski

Rep. LoBiondo

Rep. Loebsack

Rep. Long

Rep. Love

Rep. Lowey

Rep. Lucas

Rep. Luetkemeyer

Rep. Lujan Grisham, M.

Rep. MacArthur

Rep. Maloney, Sean

Rep. Marchant

Rep. Marino

Rep. Marshall

Rep. Mast

Rep. McCarthy

Rep. McCaul

Rep. McEachin

Rep. McKinley

Rep. McMorris Rodgers

Rep. McSally

Rep. Meehan

Rep. Meeks

Rep. Messer

Rep. Mitchell

Rep. Moolenaar

Rep. Moulton

Rep. Mullin

Rep. Murphy (FL)

Rep. Newhouse

Rep. Noem

Rep. Norcross

Rep. Nunes

Rep. O’Halleran

Rep. Olson

Rep. Palazzo

Rep. Palmer

Rep. Panetta

Rep. Paulsen

Rep. Pelosi

Rep. Perlmutter

Rep. Peters

Rep. Peterson

Rep. Pittenger

Rep. Poliquin

Rep. Posey

Rep. Quigley

Rep. Ratcliffe

Rep. Reed

Rep. Reichert

Rep. Renacci

Rep. Rice (NY)

Rep. Rice (SC)

Rep. Roby

Rep. Rogers (AL)

Rep. Rogers (KY)

Rep. Rokita

Rep. Rooney, Francis

Rep. Rooney, Thomas J.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen

Rep. Rosen

Rep. Roskam

Rep. Ross

Rep. Rothfus

Rep. Rouzer

Rep. Royce (CA)

Rep. Ruiz

Rep. Ruppersberger

Rep. Russell

Rep. Rutherford

Rep. Ryan (WI)

Rep. Schiff

Rep. Schneider

Rep. Schweikert

Rep. Scott, Austin

Rep. Scott, David

Rep. Sessions

Rep. Sewell (AL)

Rep. Shimkus

Rep. Shuster

Rep. Simpson

Rep. Sinema

Rep. Sires

Rep. Slaughter

Rep. Smith (MO)

Rep. Smith (NE)

Rep. Smith (NJ)

Rep. Smith (TX)

Rep. Smucker

Rep. Stefanik

Rep. Stewart

Rep. Stivers

Rep. Suozzi

Rep. Swalwell (CA)

Rep. Taylor

Rep. Tenney

Rep. Thompson (CA)

Rep. Thompson (PA)

Rep. Thornberry

Rep. Tiberi

Rep. Tipton

Rep. Torres

Rep. Trott

Rep. Turner

Rep. Upton

Rep. Valadao

Rep. Veasey

Rep. Wagner

Rep. Walberg

Rep. Walden

Rep. Walker

Rep. Walorski

Rep. Walters, Mimi

Rep. Wasserman Schultz

Rep. Wenstrup

Rep. Westerman

Rep. Wilson (SC)

Rep. Wittman

Rep. Womack

Rep. Woodall

Rep. Young (AK)

Rep. Young (IA)

Rep. Zeldin

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Working to expand the Internet’s power for good at Fight for the Future