Big Football Dream for kids in Xinjiang

This is the third time that Urumqi 5th Primary school has won the Champion of football competition for youth in China. Also, they have successfully got the Champion of Weifang International Youth football competition by winning the Japan and South Korean youth team.

While celebrating the happiness of big success, the football player and coach of the team have their own worries.

Mustafa playing football in his yard

When Mustafa is 6 years old, he was chosen to the school team while he was learning his first year of primary school. After he started taking training in the school, he became the major part of the family. His father would take care of him by himself in order to send him to a football school in the future.

Mustafa’s family live in the ghetto of Urumqi. Now he is the biggest hope of the family, everyone hope he will be a famous football player in the future to make their life better.

Foot ball is very popular in Xinjiang, you can find every corner with few kids playing football together. Football is not only a game for boys, but also for girls.

Akida hurt herself during the training.

Akida was 12 year old girl in the football team. Because of her football skill is much better than other girls with her age, she need to attend the training with boys. Akida said her dream is to play for Women Football Team of China.

Akida with her parents in their renting room

Akida’s parents did a very big dissension for their Daughter’s football dream. They sold their house in the home land and rent a shabby room in the capital city of Xinjiang-Urumqi.Her father need to do 2 shifts every day in order to afford her tuition fee in the football school.

Football players are taking rest during the training

In recent years, football is more and more welcomed in Xinjiang. According to the People’s Daily, there are more than 1500 football team among the primary and middle school in Xinjiang.

For many Uyghur families, investing to their children to become a football star has become way for them to get a better life in the future. Those young players must have been under too much pressure. What if they could not get any achievement on football? Is it possible that some of the kids are playing football not because of their interest, but because of there are expected eyes looking at them?