19 Reasons to Write — and Publish — Your Book

Writing books seems to be the new craze. With the simplicity of publishing on Kindle and Createspace (both Amazon), it’s a no-brainer. If you’ve got expertise, you can package it up, put a lovely cover on it, and release it to the Amazon machine!

If you are a business owner, the reasons to write a book are even more prevalent. Becoming a published author can bump your business up for tons of reasons. Here are some of my favorite reasons to write a book:

1. A book is much better than a business card.

If you go to a tradeshow or networking event, you’ll gather eleventy-ten business cards. When you get home, they might go into your file, but more likely, they’ll stay at the bottom of your bag until you decide to clear out all the flotsam and jetsam and toss all those dog-eared pieces of humanity. But a book? That sucker will go on the bedside table, the desk, or at least re-gifted to a lesser-known relative.

2. It separates you from the pack.

Face it, even with today’s innovations and processes, it’s still a PROCESS to write and publish a book. It requires commitment and discipline, not unlike getting an Eagle Scout award. Not everyone does it, so it makes you different. When it comes to business, different is good.

3. It might bring in some some cash.

While you likely won’t get rich on your first book, you still can bring in a decent amount of spending cash. If you do it properly, even the most modest straight-to-Kindle ebook can generate $100-$500 in its first month of publication. And that’s totally enough to pay your Starbucks tab.

4. It’ll make you memorable.

Two months after my book hit Kindle, friends and acquaintances are still referring to me as “my friend who just published a book.” That’s a good thing — and it’s way better than “my friend who just ran over her neighbor’s mailbox,” or “my friend who asked the menopausal fifth grade teacher when her baby was due.”

5. You’ll generate leads for your business.

This is big. If you are a typical small business owner or entrepreneur, you live and die by new customers and referrals. Publishing a book can mean a steady stream of new leads, day in and day out, for your business. It’s simple to add a call to action in your book and ask people to visit your website to download a free resource pack, or sign up for a complimentary webinar. These leads come to you pre-qualified and targeted, and that’s like money in the bank.

6. You’ll earn bragging rights.

So what if your brother-in-law finished fifth in his Ironman division in Kona? Big deal if your best frenemy just started dating the tennis pro at the club. YOU have a book with your name on the cover and everything. So there.

7. You’ll build your mailing list.

I doubled my email list in about a month when I launched my first book, and I plan to double it again when my second book comes out in mid-March (you can sign up for a free copy here.) As a business owner, you know your email list is like gold. I’m totally happy about having twice as much gold as I did a few months ago.

8. It will give you something to talk about at cocktail parties.

Whenever I attend moms’ nights out, or networking parties, I never know what to talk about… the customer who just emailed to request a refund for a free product? The app developer from Australia who hacked the backend of my site and left nasty messages in the code? Oh, I know! My new book!

9. Books make great Christmas presents.

Everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — on my Christmas list is getting a book this year. I don’t care if Christmas is 9 months off. Books are so much better than hand-knit socks. And one size really does fit all, even my new great nephew.

10. You’ll learn about yourself.

Strife and struggle shows our true mettle. Wading through the process of documenting my thoughts on a particular topic helps me figure out exactly how I handle adversity, where the weak spots in my character are located, and what I’m good — and bad — at. (I’m super-good at incorporating slang with intellectual curiosity. Can you tell?)

11. It’s awesome to FINISH something.

So much in life is never. ever. done. My website copy always needs to be tweaked. My kids always need to be fed. My dogs always need to be walked. But a book? I can write 15,000 words, add “The End,” and call it good. Hurray!

12. Your story matters.

What you think about something — whether it’s the basics of cooking gluten-free, how to create a killer website, or how to care for your neck and spine — is important. Documenting your beliefs, knowledge, and philosophy is a gift you give yourself and future generations.

13. Most other people won’t.

I love going against the grain. I’m a rebel trapped in a soccer mom’s life. If everyone else is going left, I go right. So doing something that most other people aren’t gives me a huge thrill. It’s an easy, yet socially acceptable, way to be a renegade.

14. Because you’ve always wanted to.

I don’t know about you, but publishing a book has been on my list of life goals since I was knee-high to a Barbie doll. Being able to cross that puppy of my bucket list is awesome, I tell you.

15. It will impress your kids.

I have two teenagers and one pre-teen. Impressing them isn’t easy. But flashing my book in front of them? Having them search for me on Amazon and see 43 five-star reviews? That’s almost as impressive as knowing all the words to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

16. You can write off all those hours sitting in Starbucks, pontificating on life.

Now, I’m not a CPA or tax accountant, so check this out to make sure… but in my measly opinion, it’s completely a business expense to sit in the coffee shop and write and think. Or think. Or write. After all, it’s a cost of living a writer’s life, right?

17. It will remind you of what you know.

When I look over my book (which I will readily admit I do much more often than is probably healthy) I sometimes think, “Hot heck! Did I write that?” It sounds pretty, you know, good. And that, in the words of Bill and Ted, is a most excellent feeling.

18. Because you can.

There’s so much in our life that is outside our control. The weather. Government. Who makes it to the Superbowl. We may as well take control of the situations in which we have some agency. It is totally and completely within your purview to write a book and publish it on your own terms, without regard to gatekeepers or any other “expert’s” opinion. It’s like voting because tens of thousands of other people struggled to give you that right. Claim it because it’s valuable.

Now, much of this list is tongue-in-cheek. But it still is true that writing and publishing a book can bring you more leads, income, and authority as a small business owner or entrepreneur. It’s not difficult, though it will require commitment and discipline. But it’s totally possible, and very, very cool.

So do it. Because (reason 19) I said you should.

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