A solution to Google punishing the use of pop-ups in mobile

Let's face it. No one likes pop-ups. Specially on mobile with those tiny close buttons made for us to hit the wrong spot. Google knows that. Their goal is to make user experience as good as it can be. Marketers and designers must learn how to adapt and make users happy too.

What if it CTAs (calls to action) could feel like part of the whole content and still grab attention?

I believe it's possible, so I had an idea and wanted to share. It's so simple you might laugh.

Place your CTA fixed behind the content and leave windows throughout the content whenever you want people to see it. It's easy to implement in pages. Not so much for blogs. It's not impossible. Just needs an awesome programmer to figure out how to create a window after three paragraphs, for exemple.

Since showing is better then telling, here's what I mean:

It could be done on browser as well. I believe is less intrusive and still works for its purpose.

Let me know what you think.

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