Lake Mary Cheesecake Co & The IPO

Lake Mary Cheesecake Company is a leading manufacturer of New York Style Cheesecakes and a purveyor of desserts for restaurants, theme parks and grocery stores since 1999. Due to the variety and popularity of our cakes, the growth of our business has us close to operating capacity at our two current plants in Florida and California. As a family owned business, we have worked very hard to expand our dessert offerings and we truly aim to please our customers.

We want to expand our operations and are looking to fund this expansion using the new SEC regulations passed in March 2015 under Title IV of the JOBS Act. Lake Mary Cheesecake Company seeks equity investors through a Regulation A+ mini IPO. The biggest use of funds from this IPO will be used to build a new plant.

What we think is exciting about this new production facility is that we are building it as a certified gluten-free plant to produce and to provide an entire gluten-free dessert line. Lake Mary Cheesecake Company has ten years of experience making gluten-free desserts, such as our New York Style Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Cake. A certified gluten-free plant will allow us to increase our distribution to current clients demanding certified gluten-free products and to introduce a direct to consumer dessert business.

If you want to learn more, we have set up an Investor tab on our website at There you will find our press release about the IPO and many of the frequently asked questions about our expansion plans. We would love for you to ask us questions about some of the other exciting plans we have when we raise these funds! Delicious desserts are our passion and we want to keep creating great products to share with cake aficionados everywhere.

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