Unfairness & Acceptance

A picture of two bisons fighting, a metaphor representing the conflict in accepting unfairness.

The question “Why is the world unfair?”, has over 125 Million results and “how do I accept the things I cannot change?” has over 7 Billion results.

Just results, not searches.

Millions and Billions of people are creating content about the unfairness in the world. These are the people who overcame the unfairness and found strength to create. They found a reason to believe that they can find fairness and success.

What about those who are searching for answers? Looking for strength. Many are unable to feel joy or let go of unnecessary fear.

What is your reason or source of strength that energizes you to get out of bed?

Nothing adds up anymore.

Everything is changing, thanks to technology. At the same time, our skillset must also be continuously updated to keep up and remain competitive in the job market. A good education does not come with a stable job these days. But for the majority, education does come with a student loan of an average size of $30,000.

Neither is career progression an easily attainable goal.

The Gen Z are expected to work 18 jobs spanning 6 career and move homes 15 times in their lifetime. As of February last year, 60% of millennials are open to new jobs. This means they were not satisfied with their current jobs. When there is a lack of satisfaction, there is an expectation and with yearning comes disappointment. When this lack of satisfaction is felt over a sufficiently long period of time, it could manifest into health issues like sleeplessness and depression.

This is unfair!

Qualified and capable individuals suffering poor jobs and bosses, leading to quitting.

While the convenience of credit and pay later options could help in a dire situation like a job loss, it only adds to the stressors of life, reiterating the unfairness.

While most are grappling with figuring out their way to achieving a decent financial status, they are also struggling with issues like loneliness and lack of intimacy with a significant other. For adults between 18–35 years of age, there is a steep increase in abstinence or lack of sex in the past year and the numbers are over 20% for both male and female.

The lack of financial stability directly influences the personal life and physical health of a person, which is unfair.

It gets heartbreaking when personal life and loved ones are involved.

The situation compounds when children are involved in a financially unstable condition. The pity is that most of the time, the adults are hardworking citizens who did not get a fair chance.

While unfairness manifests in many forms like office politics, failed recognition, racism, various forms of discrimination, gender biases, harassments, reprisal, getting stolen, betrayal and more; the only way one could move on from it is to think of accepting it.

Unfairness makes a person feel invisible.

Social media throws light on thousands of influencers, but it also creates millions more wannabe talented individuals who bear the brunt when they fail to receive the recognition they expect. This is totally unfair given they invested in it and worked on it passionately. Only about 0.2% of Youtube channels have over a thousand subscribers, there are over 37 million channels. It is important to note that there is substantial evidence to show that the Internet and social media can influence suicide-related behavior.

The feeling of not being good enough stems from the widespread unfairness.

But people want to be seen and heard!

The next step begins with accepting.

Accepting unfairness. UGH, how horrible is that thought!

But neither does anyone have what it takes to fix the unfairness quickly. So acceptance it will be.

While a lot of acceptance is done via internal work, prayers, affirmations and support groups; it may also be the path to a passive life. A passive life where one functions like a zombie without emotions, just to slog and make ends meet. This results in the zombification of the human spirit which resorts to apathy. The thought of acceptance which may extinguish one’s spirit to fight for another chance is heartbreaking.

It is heartbreaking to acknowledge that sometimes, acceptance may lead to unrealised potential.

Acceptance may lead to apathy, a zombification of the human spirit.

What is the solution?

How can the average citizen, as an individual, maintain a healthy mind amidst unfairness?

How can you feel absolutely confident, joyful and reassured of the future?

How can I be absolutely confident, joyful and reassured of the future?

How can we create a fabulous functional future?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail”

He also said,

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

I’m sure you can appreciate the truth in his quotes. Do you also see the contrast in his quotes? While one must rise after a fall, it must also include renewed enthusiasm.

That’s a tough thing to do.

In today’s world which is generously seasoned with unfairness, the fountain of enthusiasm is running dry. Also, it is important to note that the incoherence in the unfair world confuses the subconscious and conscious minds, resulting in many individuals feeling inconsistent, lost and clueless. When these two issues compound, the spirit to find enthusiasm once again has become a daunting task and is replaced with mental health issues.

The strategy to solve the difficulty in unfairness is to practice acceptance with curiosity.

Acceptance must come with its companion, Curiosity.

Acceptance without curiosity leads to zombification.

Acceptance must fuel curiosity which will find its way to enthusiasm. Acceptance must help us develop the perspective to look for the good in darkness and the ability to look for the silver lining.

This will help rejuvenate the fountain of enthusiasm.

helps you with the necessary scaffoldings to accept reality and tackle life with renewed energy and skills.

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Im the founder of StableDragon, your Accountability Partner in a Dashboard.

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Im the founder of StableDragon, your Accountability Partner in a Dashboard.