I can hear the birds sing!

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The birds have always been there, but I did not know that they can sing, or for that matter, that they even existed, until this morning when my life changed.

I sit on the edge of a high-rise building. I am praised for my size. Don’t worry, I will not fall off. I am stuck to the wall with a lot of cement. Wondering who I am? I am a window! I am big and when I am kept open, cool breeze blows inside. In the morning I shine as the sun rises and showers it’s light on my edges. I light up the room and wake everyone up.

But this morning is different. I have a new companion who is hiding me. I hear the madam of the house praise my companion, “The curtain looks beautiful in this room. It goes well with the decor.”

I think to myself, It goes well with the decor? But it does not go with me. It is hiding me, my beauty. Why is no one seeing that? The previous curtain was better. It was lighter and translucent . This one is useless. Even the powerful sunlight cannot pass through it. What a waste!

Just then I hear the master of the house talking. He says, “This one is a lot better. The previous one would let the morning light come in and sting my eyes.”

I think, Isn’t that better? You would wake up without an alarm clock and first thing in the morning you would feel the soothing heat of the powerful sun!

But those are my thoughts which no one will hear. That is what I think. But I am wrong. The little boy in the house is standing behind this new veil that has been put up to hide me. He gently pushes the huge monstrous curtain aside and opens my door. I open out into a magnificent view which has a huge garden. There are tall trees that serve as homes to several birds. Strangely this is the first time I am seeing those birds. They are of different sizes and colors. The sun is rising in the east. The birds begin to chirp together. They all sound different, but when they come together they make music so sweet that it is hard not to listen. The squirrel joins in as the background beat and the concert is on, full swing.

I wonder how I have never heard this music before. It is so compelling. Even the colorful flowers seem to dance to the music as they are swayed from side to side by the cool morning breeze. Suddenly something closes in behind me. I look back; it is the monstrous curtain hanging behind me. That’s when I realize why I could not hear the soothing music of the birds nor see the pleasing dance of flowers. I was busy thinking about how beautiful I looked and how I shone in the powerful beams of the sun. I was so lost in my glory that I missed beautiful things around me. Now even the new curtain looks beautiful, I notice at last. It has huge yellow daffodils all over with green leaves that look fresh. It is a refreshing change after the previous curtain that was plain and a dull brown. I stand with my door ajar, at the edge of the building, breathing in the cool breeze. I am in bliss!

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