Letting Your Imagination Fly.

Can you imagine like a child and create a story of your own? Or do restrictions of daily life interrupt your imagination, leading you to believe that you simply cannot make up a story of your own?

Can you let your imagination fly?
The well renowned author Mo Willems in response to an interview question in the context of his famous book, “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!” said “If you had an opportunity to drive a bus, would you do that? I mean, it’s primal. It’s absolutely primal. Have you ever walked by a bus and the bus driver isn’t in it? I mean you really have to pull all of your power not to just jump in. We don’t go, because we know we’re going to get arrested, or we’ll be late for work, and it’ll be bad on our credit score. But if all that stuff disappeared, and you walked by a running bus without a driver in it, you would get in that bus.”
Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/23/living/books-mo-willems/

Creating a story by letting one’s imagination fly is something like that. To do what is unthinkable. To do something that you simply cannot in real life. You may want to fly out to the moon and have a tea party there. Sure you can do that in your story and let your imagination run the way you want it to. After all it is your story and it is about what you want to do, no reality strings attached.

Children have their way with imagination. They can steer it the way they want to simply because they start on a clean slate — it is about what comes to them at that moment and nothing more. For fun, they can come up with the most exquisite of drawings and most innocent and beautiful stories to accompany them.

Creating a story like a kid, for kids to enjoy, is an art and can be learnt, please note-strictly with kid supervision. It is imperative that you let them decide the characters and the substance of the story. Let them direct your actions. You simply follow instructions and voila! you would have made an amazing story together as a family.

That is what we did together as a family and our very own story — “Laughing smiley and cool smiley” emerged!

After a long, tiring week, it was a refreshing way to unwind. We played around, laughed a lot and in the end made a story of our own together. The objective behind the activity was not to write a best selling book for children but was simply to create a story like a kid without any preconceived notions.

If you would like to let your imagination fly, the way we did, do give it a try. You will not regret it!

The story videos were made using a free iPad app: Makesto. You may visit www.makesto.com for more details.

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