Mary and Liam of 555 Average Lane, Normal OH 40123
Karen Kilbane

Mary and Liam’s story is disturbing. Felt like reaching out to them and giving them a hug. Could not help thinking about the state of their minds, as they leave for school. It is a pity that many kids go through this kind of stress at home as well as in school.

Being a parent myself, I have come across so many situations where teachers brand kids totally oblivious of their presence. The one instance that keeps coming back to me over and over again is when I once overheard a teacher telling another parent that her kid (studying in Grade 2) cannot draw at all and must improve his drawing skills. She branded him as “not at all” talented right in front of him!

On a different note, being an ideal kid is perhaps the most difficult job in the world! If one is quiet and shy, it is bad. If one is talkative and does not hesitate to speak up, the child is branded talkative or “chatter box” in common parlance. What ever kids do, adults want more. Accepting them for their personalities is something hard to come by.

Your approach is interesting, but how does one help a child to get to know himself better and accept his personality?