There Is No Time Like The Present

Ever tried staring at an hourglass? The present is longer than you think it is. Enjoy it. That’s what children do.

From the time I can remember, I have always thought and worried about the future. As a student, all I wanted to do was to be highly qualified and land my dream job which was to work at the World Bank. That of course did not happen as I decided to follow a different course. At work all that I could think of was career progression and where I would be 3–4 years later.

Then the most beautiful thing happened-motherhood.

I quit my corporate job because I wanted to take care of my baby and not miss any moment in his life. I did not want to regret later that I missed something in my life. Corporate job will come back but these moments won’t, I told myself. What I did not realize back then, was that I would be learning to be in the present and not worry about faraway future.

As time flew by, I continued to be in the present, grasping every change that came my way and getting used to it at my own pace. Yeah there were times when I would worry if my son could not do something that his peers could do. But he taught me that every child has his/her own pace and more importantly different interests. Striving to do something just because some one else does is not meaningful. It is a sheer waste of precious time.

Watching him and the other kids play, I learnt that their preoccupation most of the time is “What can I do now to enjoy?” Every moment for them is about being happy and doing things that they enjoy.

Life is not that simple I get it. Or is it? Being adults do we complicate it? Perhaps we do. Real life limitations suck. Job security, financial limitations, health worries….not at all hard to fill that list of real life limitations.

Try writing a list of the things that really make you happy in this very moment. Tell me if you as an adult can find at least 3 things that you would like to do this very moment that would make you genuinely happy in the present.

I am trying to write mine, are you?