Is the new acer predator 21X worth it?

This huge laptop comes in a suitcase! With its 2x DTX 1080 it can run heavy graphics games easily like GTA V on ultra.

It comes with am i7 processor and with a 64GB of DDR4 enough to push multitasking to its limits. With its 5 cooling fans you need not worry about your laptop heating up while playing heavy games , it also has nine heat pipes through which the heat escapes so you might forget that your laptop produces heat . When the going gets hot, Predator CoolBoost™ gets going. Fan speeds increase based on generated heat, keeping critical areas continually cooled

This thing comes with Dolby Audio™ Premium which delivers rich, powerful sounds. By dynamically adjusting the audio you’re given theater-like quality in a virtual surround sound experience. It is also packed with Predator sense it is the ultimate tool for control. Take command over lighting, overclocking, game profiles and more. Try not to get lost amidst all the settings.

Care about your components? Well, Predator DustDefender™, alongside the 5-fan cooling system, alternates airflow to prevent dust buildup.

It’s also VR ready so go ahead and jump on in.

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