Why is Mocha Uson Blog sharing a lot of blog posts coming from the same source?


There are six main types of posts on the Mocha Uson Blog.

1. Her own posts and reactions to various issues. 2. Live videos and shares from official government online properties such as PTV4 and PNA. 3. Shares from fellow DDS bloggers such as ThinkingPinoy and Sass Sasot. 4. Shares from DDS supporter pages. 5. Screenshots of posts from ABS-CBN, GMA and other sites. 6. Shares from blogs. Let us focus on the shared blogs. From October 1 to October 8, Mocha Uson Blog had 19 shares from external blogs. These posts come from only three blog sites:

Blog site and number of shares Trend1ng.com: 4 netcitizen.co: 11 pinoytrending.altervista.org: 4

Now let us focus on the blog site that had the most shares: Netcitizen.co

Who owns Netcitizen.com?

Before the CocoyGate issue that the pro-DDS bloggers have been pushing, netcitizen.co used the Adsense ID: “ca-pub-7139487320095123” It was in fact the Adsense ID it used until the first week of October when it was changed to “ca-pub-8765602391811417”

The source code of the cached page of netcitizen.co has the old ID:

Screenshot of the source code of the cached page of Netcitizen.co, the old Google Adsense ID is on line 1126.

To view this page live, copy this on any Web browser and go to line #1126.


Looking at similar pages using the same ID, “ca-pub-7139487320095123”, you would find that it was connected to several blog sites.

Some of the sites that use this Google Adsense ID are:

• chismix.com • extremereaders.com • healthytipstrends.com • kikaydepartment.com • livelovelaugh.com.ph • newsfeedbuzzer.com • noypinews.com • philippinesreports.com • teamangel.ph

Most of these sites are registered using anonymous registration, except for one: teamangel.ph. This source code of the cached page for teamangel.ph shows the Google Adsense ID it used: “ca-pub-7139487320095123”:


Cached link: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:E-mUQfYP2ZsJ:www.teamangel.ph/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ph

Who owns teamangel.ph?

Teamangel.ph is registered to Ferdinand Hicban, Jr. I, according to this Whois query.

Screenshot of the Whois information for TeamAngel.ph

Link: http://whois.domaintools.com/teamangel.ph archive.is link: http://archive.is/Hr5Lp According to his Facebook profile, Hicban is:

• A marketing consultant at KEN ballers • Founder and CEO at Twinmark Media Enterprises Inc. • Social Media Specialist at Blogger

Archived Facebook page of Hicban: http://archive.is/3SRWM

An article on Viralanytime.com identifies Hicban as the CEO of Trending News Portal.

Meanwhile, our very own Trending News Portal bagged the “Teen Most Trusted Blog” award for bringing in the most reliable trending news online for all netizens.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa Filipino Vines and to all the people na naniniwala sa TNP for giving us this “Teen most trusted blog award”. Pagpapatuloy rin namin na tulungan ang mga viners na magkaroon pa ng exposure sa social media through TNP — Trending News Portal,” TNP site CEO Fernando B. Hicban Jr. I said while receiving the award.

Source: https://viraltanytime.com/trending-news-portal-bags-most-trusted-blog-award-from-the-filipino-vines-summit-2017-1447

Uncannily, the same article was published on TNP.ph (https://www.tnp.ph/2017/08/20/tnp-most-trusted-blog/) but it did not mention Hicban as the CEO. Why hide?

Checking the Website of Twinmark Media Enterprises, they listed down the brands that they own:

• Trending News Portal (TNP) • HealthyDigest • Kikay Department • TechieTalk • Wonderer

KikayDepartment shared the same ca-pub that was used by Netcitizen.co

On the company’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pg/twinmarkmediaofficial/about/?ref=page_internal), Twinmark describes itself as:

TWINMARKMEDIA is a youth-oriented digital company based on the philippines. Founded in 2014. Twinmark has been maintaining a harmonious relationship with a network of social media publishers representing diverse segments of audiences across the globe. With its over 1 billion engagements monthly. This emerging company is continuosly reaching out to a wider channel of social media platforms.

What is TrendingNewsPortal.net.ph?

TrendingNewsPortal.Ph is one of the earliest blog sources of Mocha Uson Blog. This Reddit post shows that Mocha Uson Blog has been sharing trendingnewsportal.ph links since 2016.

However, the site is now inaccessible. Could have been rebranded as there exists a site called tnp.ph. The new site, however, does not carry the fake news on Leila de Lima. As well as other inaccurate political items. This means that the Mocha Uson Blog has been sharing blog posts from the samemedia company for more than a year now.

So back to the question. Why does the Mocha Uson Blog share extensively from Netcitizen.co, Tnp.ph and TrendingNewsPortal.net.ph?

Managing the page?

Is Twinmark Media managing the page in behalf of Mocha Uson. But Mocha Uson has already claimed that she, and she alone, manages the blog.

Source: https://www.rappler.com/nation/184413-mocha-uson-blog-facebook-live-senate-hearing-fake-news

Whatever the reason for this, it is obvious that a third party, other than the Mocha Uson Blog is benefiting from the five million followers of the blog.

According to HypeStat, estimated earnings of tnp.ph is pegged at $55 a day.

tnp.ph receives about 15,350 unique visitors and 22,411 (1.46 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $55.00/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $22,717.38. According to Alexa Traffic Rank tnp.ph is ranked number 37,313 in the world and 0.00307% of global Internet users visit it. Site is hosted in San Francisco, CA, 94107, United States and links to network IP address This server doesn’t support HTTPS and doesn’t support HTTP/2.

Source: https://hypestat.com/info/tnp.ph

So over a year, the company has earned $20,075. Or a cool P1,028,843.75. Yes. P1.03 million.

Meanwhile, the newly created netcitizen.co is already earning money. In less than a month.

netcitizen.co receives about 1,250 unique visitors and 1,625 (1.30 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $4.62/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $1,886.28. According to Alexa Traffic Rank netcitizen.co is ranked number 295,593 in the world and 0.00025% of global Internet users visit it. Site is hosted in United States and links to network IP address This server supports HTTPS and HTTP/2.

Source: https://hypestat.com/info/netcitizen.co