Think Black, fairy-tell story

I just skimmed a bunch of titles and subs and all these words came together somehow as… Think BLACK. Hmmm, let me just say this.

Once upon a time long long ago. Every family had their own land. Every woman had their own hero. Dinosaurs are no longer there, I guess Earth deemed to be too small. The crickets no longer a good catch, the trees are now too tall. Pride came from within the villages where the cave man had to build with his two feet. Back and forth collecting stems,& dirt which now we see as debris… And that man couldnt take care of his family if he didn’t fish his own from the sea. So their pride and customs all grew like the Billy goats gnawing the roots from the tree. Whether it was hot or cold weather determined which way the hair-tennas grew out. Like antennas that stick out for the protection and the connection of a solared being spiritually carried about. Coiled and curly to protect the brain of melanin is priceless within thee. Too hot to trot so open your nose to ventilate this power tree. Thank you on the other note is the long-tennad sultry beast. Silky and thick to cover the fit of pick axing in the breeze. Pinch your nose the frozen rose is melting, don’t you sneeze. Hey! Look at this! Your curious axe got stuck., I think I found something. ..

To be continued.. So follow