8 Tips on how to develop your writing voice

Josh Spector made a good point in his blog post when he said that you cannot possibly find your voice because it is not something that you find but rather something that you develop.

Here are the definitions of both words:

FIND: Discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.
DEVELOP: Grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced or elaborate.

Your writing voice cannot be found as it has never been lost. You just have to let it come out and let it speak out. You have to make it stronger and better. And how do you do that?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Start by writing — A lot of us are afraid to “just do it”, whether it is writing, dancing, singing, painting or anything that we really want to do in life. We are scared to do things because we think that we will be bad or not good enough or that nobody will like what we do etc… But, ultimately what you have to remember is that you’ll never be good at anything if you don’t even try! So just start writing and see where it takes you!
  2. Be bad — Everyone has to start somewhere and that somewhere is at the bottom. Don’t worry if you are bad at first, everyone is bad at something at some point in their lives! Do you think that Michael Jackson was born doing the moonwalk? That Whitney Houston was born doing whistle tones? That Steve Job was born creating a smartphone? Or that J.K. Rowling was born from a magical world? And do you think that any of those people would be any good at each others jobs? For instance, do you think that Whitney Houston would have been any good at creating smarphones or that J.K. Rowling would be any good at singing? Probably not, they would probably suck. But it’s ok, because everyone sucks at first! You can only get better! So embrace your suckiness and just keep on doing it if you want to get better!
  3. Be real — Be genuine, not with the readers but rather with yourself. Embrace what is inside of your mind. Capture what’s inside of your mind and then put it to paper. Don’t even worry about how you write it down, whether it’s just a few mispelled words or a list of ideas, just write it down first and then you’ll have time to edit everything so it in a manner that makes more sense. Listen to your heart and just go with your guts!
  4. Be free — In writing you are free to write whatever you want, however you want and you can create whatever you want. Everything is possible! Don’t hold anything back! Let your thoughts and ideas be free! Let your imagination and creativity be free! Let yourself be free!
  5. Do your research — To get better you have to take an interest at the other people who are doing the same thing as you. Don’t try to be them but rather let them inspire you to be yourself just like they are being themselves. We are all amazing people and we could all learn from each other!
  6. Write for your eyes only — Write whatever you would like to read. Create worlds that you would have loved to see in real life. Don’t write to please a crowd or your mother or your ex, just write because you want to write! Write because you want to bring life to your own thoughts! Your audience will find you somehow but don’t write just to get the attention of people! This goes without saying but also, don’t write for money.
  7. Keep on challenging yourself — Challenging yourself is the best way to evolve. So try new things, try new genre, try new topics, try new words, try new worlds, try new languages etc… Try, try, try! Just try and see how it goes!
  8. And last but not least — Keep on writing! — Consistency is key! The more you do something, the better you’ll get, there’s no secrets here.

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