A SELF-LOVE STORY: When I was 14 I vowed to love myself no matter what.

Once upon a time, I found one of my granny’s old ring in her drawer. I asked her if she was wearing it anymore and she told me that she wasn’t. So of course I had to ask her if I could have it and she nicely said “yes”.

What I did with it really surprised me.

Before putting the ring on, I stopped for a second and thought that the ring was kind of sacred for some reason. I have no idea why but in my mind if I were to wear my grand-mother’s beautiful old ring then I had to do a quick little ritual or something meaningful before putting it on. And that is exactly what I did.

I don’t remember exactly what I told myself at that moment but one thing that I can tell you is that I made a promise to myself to love myself no matter what and to always have my own back.

It is very easy to turn on yourself, criticize yourself and hate yourself especially if everyone else is doing it to you. So that is why I made a vow that even when I strongly dislike myself, and even if other people might strongly dislike me too, I will always try to be strong enough to love myself even more.

Now we are in 2017, I am 22 and I still haven’t taken the ring off. And from time to time I just look at it and gently rub it with my thumb thinking about that promise I once made with myself. It is definitely hard to keep this promise sometimes but I seem to always remember to love myself no matter what.

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