photo by Caleb Woods

Are you embarrassed of yourself?

Because I’m not!

Let me ask you a question:

“Are you embarrased of being yourself?”

If so then, “Why?”

If that’s who you are then shouldn’t you embrace it and be proud?

I know that I was not always comfortable with who I am and sometimes I do still feel very self-conscious. But most of the time, I love who I am! I love my weirdness, I love my crazy big dreams, I love my talents, I love when I’m bad at something, I love the way that I look — by the way, today I just found my white hair back! I thought it had disappeared but my white hair is still here and I LOVE it! YAY — See, I love everything about me, good and bad! Even if society sometimes might not approve or like some of the things that make me me.

I don’t have to have society loving me. As long as I love myself and that I have my own back then who cares what other people will say or think?

This is my life. This is me. And I’m going to enjoy myself while I can!

This post was inspired by myself because I just posted a new video on youtube where I’m just being a complete weirdo. You can watch it and cringe with me! ☺︎

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