Aspire to be the change!

Inspire and be inspired.

Today I want to talk about the millennials who are inspiring us to make a change and who are being the change.

Here are a few people that are helping make the world a better place:

Todrick Hall

I already said it and I will say it again: everyone could really use a little bit of Todrick’s positive thinking in their life. This 31-year-old talented singer, actor, director, choreographer and youtuber is one of the most talented man I’ve ever seen. You just have to take a look at any of his videos (I would recommend the Straight Outta Oz Visual Album if you’re not already obsessed with it like me!). Todrick is fearless! And not in the “I have zero fears. Nothing scares me.” kind of fearless but the “I have fears. I have stuggles. But they only make me stronger! Now watch me as I change the world.” kind of fearless. He is the definition of BOSS.

His videos are very positive, they inspire to think positive and be positive. They inspire to be happy. They inspire to Love. They inspire to Live. They inspire to be our true self. They inspire to make a change. And for that I want to thank you Todrick, because you taught me how to be myself, how to love myself and how to make a difference not only in my life but in people’s life too.

Cody Saintgnue

I’ve always seen Cody as a genuine positive person. He actually was the one who inspired me to write some of my posts such as “Listen to the whisper and don’t quit!”, “Where magic happens” and Don’t expect people to be like you.

Cody is a 23-year-old actor, producer and model who’s life started on a rocky path but thanks to his mother Brenda Rose he was able to change his life for the better. Now he spreads positivity by sharing his story and giving hope to not only other adopted kids like him but to everyone else, including myself. He is always posting inspiring quotes or videos like Steven Spielberg’s “Listen to the whisper” talk. He also is not afraid to stand up for others such as the LGBTQ+ community as he played a bisexual werewolf in MTV’s Teen Wolf. Here is what he had to say about it:

“It was a privilege to play an lgbt character on Teen Wolf. It breaks my heart that people’s LIVES are ENDING because of who their hearts beat for. All I ask is for you to STEP UP, if you see someone getting “teased”. That does NOT mean get violent with them. It means find someone, an adult, anyone who can help resolve and end it PEACEFULLY. I’m real done with all this hate.” — Cody Saintgnue

Cody also supports people who are helping make a difference in this world such as The Teen Project, Coalition Duchenne and Brat Pack 11.

Kenzie Hall

Kenzie is the 18-year-old founder behind the Brat Pack 11 organization which grants wishes to Brats of wounded/fallen soldiers. She created this organization at a very young age after realizing that other Military Brats like her didn’t have an opportunity to live out their dreams as she did. You can read her whole story here. As a teacher and person that loves kids very very much, I was very touched by Kenzie’s story, to have such an impact on other people’s life at such a young age, it truly warms my heart and it inspires me. This shows that there is no age to make a difference in this world!

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is the definition of Girl love.

She is a 27-year-old youtuber, comedian, unicorn, BOSS, you name it. She is always spreading love and positivity through her funny videos and her movie “A trip to unicorn island”. One thing that Lilly is trying to spread around the cyber world as well as the real world is, #GirlLove. She encourages young girls and women to spread more love towards each other rather than hate, envy or jealousy. She encourages everyone to support each other in a more positive way even if you don’t really like the person or what they are saying because it is simple to say something mean but saying something nice is what’s really going to make a difference. As she said it on her Girl Love panel at vidcon:

“You have a choice to either contribute good energy or bad energy in every situation. Decide good energy! You have that power it’s that easy.” — Lilly Singh

Zuly Sanguino

I discovered a video of 25-year-old artist Zuly Sanguino as I was scrolling through my facebook feed and I was blown away by her tenacity. Zuly was born with a rare genetic condition, the Tetra-amelia syndrome. Meaning that she was born with no arms nor legs. When she was younger she suffered from heavy act of bullying as brutal bullies hit and tormented her. She was also later raped as a teenager and contemplated suicide. But thanks to the support of her loved ones, she got through those dark times. Now, she talks to children who are bullied or have disabilities to show them that having physical or mental limitations doesn’t have to hold you back. As she says it:

“I’m proof you don’t have to let a disability hold you back. I went through such a dark time but now I’m in a good place and it’s given me a sense of purpose helping other people.” — Zuly Sanguino

Her artwork is simply exquisite. She truly is the proof that you can do ANYTHING and that you shouldn’t let your disability or anyone else hold you back!

There are a lot of inspiring people in this world. And you and I are some of them. We can all learn from each other’s stories. Everyone can bring something to the table. Everyone can make a change. You just have to listen to each other’s stories and opinions, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. Let them inspire you to make a change for the better!

Be present not only in your life but be present in this world. See how you can help make a change by starting with little small changes. Even the smallest actions can make great impacts!

Ask questions, learn new things, listen, teach others about your discoveries, spread love and positivity! That’s all we really need!

So I encourage you to tell me YOUR story. Inspire me! And let me inspire you!

Also tell me the stories of the people who inspire you. Let’s show them some love and thank them for making a change not just in your life but in everybody’s as well!

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