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Being bad at something is actually good for you

“It feels good to be bad”

Although this sentence has been used by plenty of people — including lots of singers — about something completely different from my use of it in today’s blog, this sentence is still very much true.

It literally feels pretty darn good to be bad at something.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now “Is she crazy? Sucking at something is not fun AT. ALL! Nor is it good!”

But here is why I love being bad at things:

Because I can only get better!

If you suck, you cannot suck any more than you already do, right? The only thing that can happen is either, you getting better at something or you keeping on sucking at something. 
You can only choose to either suck at something and not do anything about it or you can try, practice and get better and better. Those are the only two options really.

Besides, once you get better and better to the point of actually being great at something, you can look back and admire your progress. 
And there’s nothing better than watching how you went from sucking at something to being sorta good at it. It truly feels great to look back on your journey and see how much you’ve grown and how much better you’ve gotten. 
Sometimes when I look at my drawing wall, I get teary eyes because I cannot believe that I started with a “I cannot draw” thought to an amazed “Look at everything that I’ve drawn!”.

So believe me when I say that it’s great to suck! But it’s even greater when you know how much you suck but you’re still willing to be good.

Being bad at something is actually a blessing in disguise. Sure, you’re bad. Probably really really bad. Or even extremely bad. And maybe you’re the worst, who knows? But that doesn’t mean that you can never be great. That just shows you the start line. That’s what you’re starting with. 
The real question you have to ask yourself is “Am I willing to walk towards the finish line?”

If the answer is “yes”, then greatness awaits you. If the answer is “no” then you’ll keep on sucking at this thing, not because you’re bad at it but because you are not willing to get better.

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