Did you know that there are 7 hidden noses in London?

I went on a little scavenger hunt around London because I heard that there are 7 hidden noses, which are not really hidding as they are right under our noses! Haha get it? Ok. I’m exiting myself from the world…

Our dear friend wikipedia tells me that “Initially, about 35 were attached to buildings such as the National Gallery and Tate Britain but now only about 10 survive.” — Correction “now only 7 survived”.

Now, before you get too excited let me just warn you that some of those noses are tiny, as in super duper small! I expected them to be more noticeable but a few of them are so small, I thought someone was playing a joke on me.

My reaction upon seeing some of the noses

To find those incongruous noses I had the help of this very helpful page on foursquare. Now if you check on foursquare, you’ll see that it says that there are 8 noses BUT alas, on my scavenger hunt I discovered that the one on the building “Quo Vadis” is no more. I can assure you that it’s nowhere to be found as I literally spent 5 minutes looking like a fool in the middle of the pavement looking at the walls for a possible (tiny) nose sculpture.

As this is my blog, I’m going to do an effort to put my own pictures of the noses but please keep in mind that some of those noses are literally as tiny as a baby’s finger.

1. The Admiralty Arch Nose

Can you see it? It’s that tiny little thing on the right, on the first smooth brick. I know it’s small, isn’t it? It can be found on one of the middle column of the arch, the one on the right if you are facing Buckingham Palace.

2. Great windmill street

This one is also tiny and it can be found on a wall on the left side of the road when you are facing the black horses’ statue.

3. Meard Street

Finally! A BIG NOSE! This one can be found on the wall of Meard Street and is one of the biggest noses out of all of the 7 noses. It’s high up on the wall so I couldn’t check how many centimeters it was, unless I had a ladder. But it’s at least as big as a man’s hand.

4. Milkbar

Another tiny one so don’t be disappointed when you see it! It can be found on the outside wall of the “Milkbar” next to some street art.

5. Service Point Covent Garden

This one was the very first one that I found and it made me want to stop looking for the noses as I thought “What’s the point? They’re so small and they look like nothing!” — But as I don’t ever give up, I continued and I pushed through my disappointment.

6. Dean Street

Thank goodness I didn’t stop looking for those noses because this one was definitely worth while! This one is purple so it’s the only colored one and it actually looks like a nose! This one is my favorite!

7. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

This one I actually didn’t get to see with my own eyes but it looks like it’s a big one too!

Here is a video of my little scavenger hunt, you can see how small some of those noses are:

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