Do yourself a favor and go travel alone!

As some of you might know that I just recently moved to London. I’ve left my family and friends back at home in France.

But I’m not in London permanently though. I actually am going to travel a lot these next few years. I’m moving from France to London then to America then to Australia then to New Zealand, with hopefully some little trips in between to visit lots of places all around the world!

The point is that, I’m travelling. And I’m doing it alone. Sure, I’m making some friends along the way but I’m still doing the majority of my travels alone.

Last week-end I even went to Battersea Park on my own. Which allowed me to breath some fresh air and to think. And that’s why I’m writing this post today.

I want you all to travel alone too. Yes, it might be scary. Yes, it might be lonely. But at the end of the day, it’s very rewarding. You learn a lot by being alone with your own thoughts.

You learn how to depend on yourself. But you also learn how to depend on others because if there’s something that you don’t know you’ll have to ask a local eventually. By travelling alone you really get to know yourself better and it helps you to understand other people around you too. It’s such an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to do this at least once in their lifetime. It doesn’t even have to be a travel plan as big as mine! You can choose to travel for one week, or one month or even just for one day! And you don’t even have to go on the other side of the world! You can just go to a place that you’re not familiar with near where you live. Just go somewhere on your own! Get out of your comfort zone! You’ll realize that every places in the world really are just a bunch of comfort zones if you take the time to go out there and make yourself comfortable! So why are you scared? What are you waiting for? There’s a giant playground that’s waiting for you to come and discover what it has to offer!

If you want, I also posted a video version of this little post on my youtube channel! Look how pretty and peaceful this Battersea park is! This could be you if only you’d just go out there and visit the world!!

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