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Don’t just think outside the box… think like there is no box!

People love to put things in boxes, categories and genre etc… I mean that’s how we know that this thing is this thing and that thing is another thing. I’m sorry, I’m probably talking gibberish here. What I know is that we — as a society — like to know where everything goes. So we give them specific places for them to go, we do the same with people and with dreams and possibilities. We are a society of restrictions and limits. And even though some go beyond the limits and actually prove to everyone that there are no limits to begin with and that everything is possible, we still enjoy the comfort of our little restricted lives.

Some people think that not going after their dreams prevents them from watching everything fall apart and break into billions of little pieces. I mean, that must be an horrific sight to see everything that you’ve dreamed about/worked for fall apart. I, for once know that I would certainly cry all the water inside of my body if this ever happens to me. But you know what? I don’t like not going after my dreams. I don’t like limiting myself to “comfortable” things that I am comfortable making them happen. I don’t like to sit here and just watch the days pass by. I know that my dreams might not come true or maybe they will but then they will fall apart or maybe they will come true and everything will just turn out great. I don’t know. I have no idea where I’m heading with all those big dreams that are weighing 10 times my weight. It’s heavy. It’s hard. I cannot see in front of me because my dreams are too big that they are blocking my view. I don’t know if I will fail or succeed.

But you know what?

My dreams are worth going beyond the “limits” that society has set upon all of us. My dreams are worth the struggle and the tears. My dreams are worth going outside of my comfort zone and putting myself in situations that I would normally avoid out of fear. My dreams are worth all the efforts I’m putting on every single day. My dreams are worth fight for. My dreams are worth living for. If I don’t live to make my dreams come true then tell me what am I supposed to live for? Am I supposed to live for you? It might be selfish but we have to remember that this life that you and I are living belongs to each of us individually. We don’t have to live for anybody. We don’t have to live the way someone else tells us to. This is your life, your choices. If you choose to go after your dreams then go. If you choose to live alone in a house full of cats then do it. If you choose to live in the wilderness then do that. If you choose to live to help others then help them. Whatever you decide, you should be the one to make the final decision. No one controls your life and no one ever should.

You must have seen this drawing at least once in your life:

But I think that this drawing is wrong because it shows that “where magic happens” is inside another circle, a.k.a another box. I think that the drawing should be like this:

“Where Magic Happens” by Lalaina Rackson

Because when you step out of your comfort zone that’s where the magic happens. Everywhere, all around you, magic can and will happen, if you just step out of that circle/bubble/box called the “comfort zone”.

This is how you can and will live a good life. If you just stop with the boxes and circles and just think like there is no limit, like there is no comfort zone at all.

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