Dreams are reality in the making.

Have you ever had someone doubt your dreams? “There’s other things to do rather than doing this” They would say. Or they would say “It’s not the reality”, “It’s just a dream”, “It won’t happen”, “It’s not possible!” etc…

I don’t initially try to make my dreams come true to prove people wrong. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. But I’m still going to make my dreams come true nonetheless. Because, yes, dreams are dreams. But dreams are so much more than that. They are a reflection of who you are and who you’re going to become. They are not just fantasies that make you wonder “Ah if I were rich/famous/successful/on the cover of every magazines/travelling around the world/the inventor of something revolutionary/a writer etc…”

Sure, you only imagine how things could look like. But who’s to say that it’s not a future reality? Who’s to say that you’re not going to be anything that you’ve ever imagined? Unless the people that are doubting you were in some back to the future shenanigans and they actually come from the future to tell you how things actually look like, they don’t know. They have absolutely no idea what the future holds. And you have no idea either. So why listen to others? What they’re saying cannot be the truth. Because they don’t know for sure what the future looks like. So the best thing you could do is actually going after your dreams. Make them a reality!

Yes, dreams are just dreams. But they can be the reality if you’re willing to make them as such.

Dreams are reality in the making. It might still be processing. There might be some loading issues but they’ll become reality eventually. You just have to know if you’re willing to make them come true or not.

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