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Eventually, everyone fits in.

Recently, I’ve been catching up with one show that I enjoy called “Scorpion”. It’s about a group of misfits geniuses that help save the world with their genius abilities. They also help a young mother understand her genius son.

One thing that the main character Walter O’brien said to Paige (the young mother) was this:

“You know, eventually, everyone fits in.” — Walter O’brien (Scorpion)

He was talking about her genius son that has had troubles fitting in. But somehow he has found a place to fit in and it’s right with Walter’s Scorpion team.

It really touched me because I was a kid that had troubles fitting in. Heck, I think that I still have some trouble fitting in as an adult. But eventually, I found my place and I’m starting to figure out where I perfectly fit in.

Here’s what I think:

In a puzzle there are tons of different pieces, some fit together some don’t. You might try really hard to make one piece fit with another one but if it’s not the right fit then it won’t work. But if that piece fits right in with other pieces then that’s where it’s supposed to be. And if you take a look at the big picture, every pieces put together make one big image. Well it’s the same for human beings and the world. Some people are not fit to be together, but it’s okay. You’ll find where your piece is supposed to be. We don’t have to fit right in with every single pieces of the puzzle. Some pieces might fit with only one piece, another with two or four pieces even. But ultimately one piece is not meant to fit with every 40 pieces or so of one puzzle. It just fits with a couple. And those pieces (us human beings) all put together create the big picture which is the world.

So if you have troubles fitting in, just remember that you will fit in eventually. You’ll find your place in this big puzzle that is the world. Don’t force yourself to fit in where your piece is not supposed to be. And don’t try to change yourself to fit in! You’ll fit in just the way you are right where you’re supposed to be!

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