photo by Aki Tolentino

People are so eager to arrive to the finish line that they don’t take the time to enjoy the journey.

I know the finish line sounds exciting whatever your finish line may be. Whether your finish line is being a singer, crossing off your entire bucket list, having millions of dollars, being a bestseller author, getting your degree etc… Just don’t forget to enjoy the time in between!

Why am I saying this?

Because today I’ve been working on one of my biggest painting. And I’m loving it! I’m loving the fact that I’m being bold and that I am creating a painting on a bigger scale that I’m used to. I’m loving the fact that it actually looks pretty good so far. I’m loving the fact that a few years ago I really was shitty at drawing but then because I wanted to be good at drawing I started to teach myself and now here I am, drawing the biggest drawing I’ve ever done. It’s crazy! It’s amazing! It’s exciting! And maybe one day I’ll be a renowned artist, who knows where I’m headed! But all I know is that right now, right this instant, I’m appreciating the journey! I’m appreciating the goods and the bads. I’m appreciating the efforts I’m putting and the struggles that I might face. I’m appreciating the fact that I’m not that good and that sometimes I might make mistakes. I’m appreciating the fact that I’m willing to learn and grow. Sometimes it’s hard but I love this journey no matter what. And I’ll always love it no matter what the finish line may be!

I guess now I understand why people say “I fell in love with the art” — I’ve really fallen in love with everything that I do. I’ve really fallen in love with my journey. And no matter what happens I’ll always love it!

“Fall in love with your life” — Lalaina Rackson

I love what I do and I do what I love.

And I don’t care where this all takes me as long as it stays with me. As long as I can keep doing what I love to do, I don’t care about the finish line or what it could look like. I’m just here, enjoying my journey, enjoying my life and the only thing that could make me stop would be the inevitable finish line: death.

So enjoy the process while you can and don’t really think about the finish line especially if it is “becoming rich” or “becoming famous” ; those are foolish finish lines! And if you’re not careful and if you’re not in love with the process and with your life then those finish lines (i.e “becoming rich” or “becoming famous”) will be the end of you.

Be careful what you aim for. Fall in love with your life. And carry on.

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