photo by Lotte Meijer

Free your inner self and embrace your truth!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had this certain feeling that deep down I knew who I really was and who I was going to be.

That was a confusing sentence and I too have a headache now.

Let me explain.

For some reason, I knew I was special. I sound conceided but hear me out. I just had a strange feeling that made me think that I was not like everyone else and that I was never supposed to be like everybody else. So what did I do? I ended up trying to be like everybody else, of course— *Slow clap* Well, done Lalaina — But this stupid little experiment of mine landed me where I am today. I learned from my mistakes and little by little I started to go back to trying to become who I was meant to become all along: the very special yet very weird Lalaina Rackson.

I’m telling you this because weirdly enough I could have been the real me a long time ago but I decided not too. And going through this transition from being me to being the me that was just like everybody else then back to the real me has taught me that we should all embrace our truth. We should all embrace ourselves! And the funny part is that WE know our truth, we know who we are deep down inside but we all choose to not listen to that small little voice that is telling us “No, don’t be like them! Be you!”

That would have saved me a whole lot of trouble if I hadn’t spent my teenage years trying to be cool and trying to look like everyone else. But amazingly enough I had to go through this to find my way back to my real self. We all have to lose sight of who we are before ending up accepting who we truly are. It’s annoying but that’s just how life goes.

So if you’re a teenager reading this right now and you’re lost in between trying to be like everybody else and being yourself then I hope that you can find it in you to stop pretending and to just be yourself! I’m not mad at you for trying to fit in, we all tried. But now might be time for you to stop trying to be somebody that you’re not and just accept who you really are! Your “you” that is hiding deep inside of you will really appreciate you acknowledging it and letting it come out.

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