Haters back off! (review)


I didn’t binge watch the whole “Haters back off” tv serie yet but I’m 3 episodes in already and I think that it is brilliant!!


I am genuinely happy and proud of Colleen even though I don’t know her personally! She started by creating a character for youtube, performed on many different stages and now her character has her own show! This is SO amazing and inspiring!

The show is really hilarious and weirdly inspiring! Even though Miranda can seem as an over the top character she is probably one of the sweetest (in her own way) and inspiring young lady. Ultimately I think that everyone can somewhat see themselves in Miranda. Whether it is her not giving up on her dreams or her weirdness or her being a misfit or her inappropriate sense of humor or anything else. I think we all kind of feel like a Miranda sometimes or maybe we should start feeling like her from time to time. I genuinely wish that I had Miranda’s confidence. Although her talent is quite… “interesting”, she’s still confident in herself and she just keeps on going! That’s the spirit!

But to be honest although I wish that I had a little bit more of Miranda’s confidence, I genuinely wish that I had Colleen’s, well, everything really! I think that Colleen is one of the funniest, nicest and most genuine person on this planet! I don’t know her but I really wish that I could meet her and just hug her! She’s really inspirational!

Also one other thing about Haters back off is that freaking BEN STILLER is in it!!! Like whaaaaaat?! Colleen!!! I know now why you were so excited about this show haha you’re surprising us with cameos like that! It’s a BIG deal! Well done!!

Also David Milchard from my other favorite youtube series “convos with my 2 year old” was in an episode! I was SO excited when he came out of the blue uninvited! Michael P. Northey also was in it and now I’m just waiting for an appearence from Matthew Clarke and the whole Clarke family!

Kory, I also see you! 😉

I cannot wait to see what this show has in store! I think that they all did a terrific job on this first season and I’m super proud of everyone! Especially Colleen! You really deserved that show and I’m so happy for you!

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