Here’s my problem with audio books

I’m old school ok?

Or you could say that I’m a nerd… Either way is totally fine by me.

I don’t even know when audiobooks have been invented but I’m pretty sure that it’s been quite a while now. And look, I’m not hating on them. There is some good behind it! For instance, it’s nice to have your child listen to a story that is narrated by the author of the story.

But just as I was writing this last sentence I thought of two things that were also bugging me:

  1. Will kids stop reading? Will reading a book be of the past? Will book ever disappear? (not in my household nope! Sorry future kids! There won’t be any cool technologies for you until you’re probably 30 haha)
  2. Does that mean that we don’t have to read to our children anymore? Surely it must be much better and much cooler to have the actual writer read the story to you, right?

And that’s when I panic.

I like the intention behind audio books and surely it must be great to have your favorite authors read to you!

But my problem is if it takes over actual books. If I ever meet someone and they tell me “I love reading! Last book I read on audible was (insert a book name)” — I’m sorry for what’s about to happen to you hypothetic stranger but I would gladly slap you on the face! Because if you are someone that doesn’t read/hasn’t ever read a book, as in an actual physical book that you can hold with your hands but then you’re saying “I love reading!” I’m sorry, but you deserve to be slapped! I won’t actually slap anyone because I’m just too nice and shy and introverted but I might have a heated debate with you to tell you that this is not reading!!!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t always read physical books, I also love reading articles and sometimes books online but nothing will ever beat having a book in your hands. I’m sorry, not sorry but I just really cannot take you seriously if you say that you love reading when in fact you just love listening to audio books. I just can’t. My nerd self gets very upset.

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