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How to be creative when you’re too creative

Wait… “too creative”? What is she talking about? There’s no such thing as “too creative”!

There is actually such a thing as being “too creative” not that it’s a bad thing… for the most part.
What I call “too creative” are people like me who are interested in literally every little creative things. What can I say? Creativity is such a wonderful thing! I cannot help that I love singing, drawing, writing, dancing, filmmaking, sewing, acting etc… I just love how every little creative work makes me feel! Every little creative project has its own amazingness. And I’m curious to learn them all!

But be warned, being overly creative is not just amazingness and wonderful things. It’s actually a pain in the butt! Just like me, you must have a hard time choosing one passion project. Or maybe you’re doing all of them at the same time and your plate is just overflowing. One creative project is already a lot to handle, let alone 7. It can be seriously overwhelming! It’s a blessing and a curse.

On one hand you are able to enjoy every little things that life has to offer, you’re very curious and you’re not afraid to try a bunch of things that you might end up liking and eventually being really good at. On the other hand though, you literally like EVERY. LITTLE. THINGS. that life has to offer and you literally want to try EVERYTHING. Which results in you having thousands of hobbies and no time to breath or think.

So how to be creative when you’re too creative?

First off, breath! Don’t let your creativity kill you. Calming down and breathing are always good things to do when you think that you’re too overwhelmed.

After that just look at all the things that you’re interested in. Is there anything that you’re more interested in doing than the others? If yes, then maybe put your main focus on that particular hobby. 
If you are equally interested in different hobbies then maybe try to put your main focus on just one (for now).

When your main focus has been chosen, then just find some time here and there to allow you to explore your other interest. Maybe you’ll put 3 hours of your day in your main hobby. After that consider putting 1 hour in another interest or even just 10 to 30 minutes! You don’t have to spend all day on other interest as they would be your secondary interest. But even if they are secondary interest, that doesn’t mean that they are less important or that you love them less than the main interest. It’s just that you have be more organized with your interest so that they don’t completely overwhelm you so much so that you don’t know what to do and just end up just quitting everything.

If you want to get better at everything at a similar pace then organize yourself better! Maybe choose to do 1 hour of this project here, 1 hour of that project there, 10 minutes of this here and 10 minutes of that there. Or maybe you could choose a day for one hobby: Monday = Dance ; Tuesday = Singing ; Wednesday = Drawing etc… Or maybe you can change hobby ever week. Whatever you choose to do just remember to breath! I know how scary it is to be interested in everything. It’s completely frightening! But once you find the right balance for you and your hobbies then everything will be all right! Don’t be scared to be curious anymore! Don’t be scared to be creative anymore! You can do it! But remember to BREATH!

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