photo by Jose Chavez

I can’t give up. I won’t give up!

I never give up. That’s the thing with me. Even if it’s not worth it.

Well, maybe if it’s really pointless then maybe I’ll let go but even then I’m pretty sure that I’ll fight hard first. That’s just the way that I am.

I’m a stubborn persistent fighter.

“Story of an underdog fighting trying to stay strong” — Jake Miller

Right now my dream of going to the USA is slipping through my fingers more and more everyday. But I’m fighting really hard to keep my fingers glued together so that it won’t be able to slip away. I’ve been working on this project pretty much my whole entire life if you ask me. Realistically it’s been 3 years, soon to be 4. But I’m pushing through more and more every day. And I’m trying to find a solution no matter what. Because it is something that really truly means a lot to me. So I cannot let it go.

I wish that things were easier. But we all know that life is not easy. And it probably will never be easy so better buckle up kiddos!

If you’re too are struggling to make your dreams come true then you need to know that I believe in you. No matter what it is, if you’re really working hard for it to come true then it will come true eventually, you best believe it! All your hard work and effort won’t be in vain. The road is long and it will be hard but if it truly means something to you then it will happen one way or another! Chin up, head high and keep your eyes on the finish line! Good luck my friend! 👊🏾

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