I found comfort in my pain

This blog post was inspired by Ed Sheeran.

In his song “Eraser” Ed Sheeran actually says “And I’ll find comfort in my pain” but I thought that he was saying “I found comfort in my pain”.

I think that my brain unintentionally changed the lyrics because to me personally “I found comfort in my pain” makes more sense to my personal life.

I had my fair share of struggles growing up and I still struggle nowadays but somehow I found comfort in my struggles. Almost like my life wouldn’t be a life if I didn’t have those struggles. Although I struggle and it might annoy me a whole lot, I still find some beauty in my struggles because they teach me things. My struggles help me grow and they help me become a stronger and more beautiful human being. I found comfort in my struggles. They make me feel uncomfortable and out of place and they make me go through a lot of shit but I wouldn’t be who I am without them. My struggles are a part of me and I found comfort in having them be a part of me. I’m not ashamed of them or anything, I’m just glad that they’re challenging me. If I didn’t have any struggles I would already have made my dreams come true by now but I haven’t. And that’s what’s beautiful about my dreams, the fact that I am willing to work really hard and struggle to finally see them become my reality.

So to my struggles, my fears, my negativity, all I want to say is thank you. Thank you for making me fight for what I really want in life. You guys are giving me one heck of a hard time but I know that this only makes my dreams even more beautiful and worth it. So thank you guys for preparing me to live my dreams!

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