(not really… but oh well…)

I like clothes but I’m not that keen on Fashion. — I mean it’s an interesting industry to look at but yeah… I’m not too crazy about trends and what’s good to wear or anything like that.

That being said, I went in the streets of London to see some Fashion because it’s always interesting to see other people’s personal styles! I don’t like copying people’s style but what I do like is seeing how other people get original with their outfits! It just makes me happy to see all of those different people just being themselves!

For instance, here is me being myself by wearing my trademark shirt from my home country, Madagascar, a bowtie that I bought in a street market in the UK (sorry I don’t remember where exactly) and some high-waisted jeans from Forever 21.

instagram @ LalainArts

All that to say that I went to London Fashion week (kinda) and here are some of the street Fashion that I had the chance to capture. I’m sorry there’s only 2 pictures because I didn’t take much pictures… I’m so bad at being a photographer, I definitely need to get better at that… 😩

Left: Amanda Earle — shortie.styles@gmail.com ; shortiestyles.com ; IG @ shortiestyles ; twitter @ shortiestyles ⚪️ Right: Ana Istodorescu — contact@nitasao.com ; https://www.nitasao.com/blog ; https://www.facebook.com/NitaSaoAccessories/?fref=ts

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