I’m a jewelry designer!

Some of you might know that I like to draw. And some of you might also know that I entered a contest to draw necklace designs (also bracelet designs but I’m more inpired for the necklaces for some reason haha).

I talked about the contest in my blog post from a few days ago Please help me win a contest!

And since then I haven’t stopped drawing new necklace designs. Right now I have 6 of them and my mind is still coming up with new ideas literally every seconds!

So I decided to share my designs with you:

#1 — This one was a quick one for fun.

#2 — This one was actually my very first idea but did not know how to put it on paper.

#3 — You can tell I’m having more and more fun each time.

#4 — That’s the unintentional pokeball.

#5 — That one’s a choker because I wanted to try something new.

#6 — And that one has a lot of meaning.

Hope you guys enjoyed my designs! There will probably be more to come as I literally get inspired by anything I see! If you want to see more then make sure to follow me on instagram @ LalainArts and give my designs a little red heart! ♡

Who knows maybe that is my new career path: Jewelry designer! I wouldn’t say no to be honest! ☺︎

Lesson of the day: Try new things and practise makes perfect!

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