I’m actually an introvert.

But sometimes I need to act “out of character”.

I’ve always had trouble explaining what type of person I am to others.

The thing with me is that people see me as this very extroverted happy person that is fearless and talks to everyone and attracts everyone.

Well, I’m not. I’m actually an introvert that loves reading books and that enjoys being alone in her own world in order to think and create.

“We enact a script in order to advance a core project in our lives.” — Brian Little

What Brian Little said in his ted talk was that sometimes we act “out of character” in order to obtain what we need for our core project. A core project can be such as needing some medicine for one of your family members that desperately needs it, so you go to the hospital but people are being rude and they’re not helping you. So in order to get what you want you will have to stand firm, be confident, demand to get what you need or demand to see someone else that can help you. When in real life you’re more of a shy and reserved person that is afraid to talk loudly. A core project can also be your goal, your dream, your purpose. And in order to make that dream come true you will have to act a certain way, maybe you’ll have to be bold and confident. You might need to go see some influencial people to pitch them your ideas so you’ll have to be good at public speaking. You might want to invent something so you’ll have to be comfortable with working in teams etc…

The type of person you are and the person you appear to be are two different things. You can be introverted but appear extroverted because you need to, for your core project.

When I talk to others, I always say that I’m actually more of a shy and reserved person. That’s usually when my friends would raise their eyebrows and say that I’m not. That’s because I appear extroverted, because I need to. One thing that I like to do is make people smile and laugh, and in order for me to achieve that, I have to be an extrovert. I have to be willing to go up to people and talk to them and make some jokes. When in reality I’m actually afraid of public speaking and I am shy.

So thanks to Brian Little I have realized that it is completely normal to be an introvert but act in an extroverted way. I’ve always thought that I was weird for trying to explain myself. It’s weird to try to explain to others that you’re actually shy and not that comfortable with public speaking or social interactions when everyone sees you as a very outgoing person. But now I’ve realized that that is not weird, it’s completely normal. I’m an introvert but for the sake of my dreams and my core project I have to appear as an extrovert and do the things extroverted people do. And there is nothing wrong about this.

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