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I’ve always loved writing.

Ever since I was little, I would always be reading books. Which slowly got me into writing. I tried having a diary, which was a failure because I did not know what to write and my life was never that interesting haha

But I’ve always been interested in literature. In 10th grade, we had to write a short-story and mine was in the top 5 (or probably top 6 I don’t really remember). Then in college we had to write a haiku and mine was in the top 3. And then I discovered Medium and amazing writers/bloggers which motivated me to write a post every single day. I started writing life lesson blogs, some other times I would write short stories (thanks to S Lynn Knight and Aura Wilming’s weekly writing prompts) and I would write poems even.

All in all, I’ve always loved to read and write. And I’ve always thought about having my own book (or books). So starting today I am going to be writing a book, because I saw a writing prompt on the app Wattpad (which I’ve been using for 5 years now but never really published anything).

The subject of the writing prompt is Romantic suspense. This gave me an idea. Which joins the other couples of book ideas that I’ve ever had but never entirely committed to.

So since the medium community has always been so nice to me I have decided that you should read the beginning of the story first.

Make sure to follow me on wattpad as I will be updating the story there. The app is entirely free, therefore my book is/will be free. You can download the app or go on wattpad.com on your computer. Follow me on wattpad here.

So without further ado here is the first chapter of my story. CLICK HERE. (Only the people with the link can go read it but the first and the second chapter will be available to everyone on wattpad next week (probably on thrusday) and I will try to upload a new chapter every week! So stay tuned!)

Here is the synopsys:

Ava Nelson just graduated from high school and her 18th birthday is this saturday. After the death of her father 6 years ago, she took it upon herself to help her mother out with everything, including her then 3-year-old brother. But as her birthday is approaching, she feels a hole in her heart that is bothering her. She has always been a good girl. And somehow throughout all this years, she has lost who she really is. She doesn’t even know who she really is except for the good girl that everybody knows and love. And that frightens her. So she decides to go on a little adventure of her own for her 18th birthday. But little does she know that her little adventure will become a much bigger one when she cross path with Logan Merrick a 21-year-old orphan who is on the run.

May the adventure begin!

Read the first chapter here.

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