It takes a unicorn to pack a suitcase!

If you did not know, I’m moving to London this Friday.

And with travelling comes the dreadful suitcase packing dilemma: what to take? what to leave behind? where to put this? where to put that? fold it or roll it? — It’s such a complicated process. And a long one if you’re like me! I would start packing one day to kind of have a feel of what I’m bringing. After that on another day I’ll go back to rearrange everything so that everything is put in a nice efficient way. Then I’ll take some things out and leave them behind because I’ve realized that they take too much unecessary space and I really can go without them. Then you also have to think about the things that you’ll put on the day of your departure such as your packed-up make-up bag for instance (during the week you’re still using your make-up so what’s the point of packing it in your suitcase if you’re just going to take it out to use it again?)

For me personally, the process of packing a suitcase can take one whole week! Especially for a travel such as this one! I cannot afford to forget one thing behind! Of course, just like everyone, I have a list of things to bring to make sure that I don’t forget anything. But I really love to start the packing pretty early on so that I don’t rush it! Because we all know that if we’re rushing we usually forget something! So it’s better to be calm, to take your time and make sure that everything is in it’s place! ☺︎

I’m excited for this new journey of mine! Prepare yourself for lots of blogs (well at least one per day as usual! ☺︎). And also make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel because I’m making it my number one goal to get back in the youtube world! I won’t just post vlogs (not sure if I’ll even post any vlogs)… I’m a creative filmmaker and I have lots of projects that I’ve written down long ago that need to be brought to life so look out for them! I’m going to try to post more covers also and some choreography if I have time! One thing is for certain my life in London will be filled with lots and lots of things! So if you’d like please follow me on this incredible journey of mine and let’s see what this new adventure will bring!

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