I don’t like winter. It’s just too cold for me. And even though I am kind of used to the European weather with all four seasons and whatnot, I still prefer when it’s hot all the time just like in my home country, Madagascar.

That being said, I love London!

But I don’t really like its moody weather though! A few days ago it was really hot. So hot that I almost didn’t wear a jacket! (What an accomplishment really! My life is of the outmost interesting!) But right after that, it went back to extremely cold with some crazy cold wind! — Make up your mind you bloody stupid weather!

Anyway, today was another of these nice (rare) sunny days and this time I actually did not wear a jacket! — SUCCESS!! — But unfortunately it is not going to last as apparently it’s going to rain on wednesday and thrusday! *sniff sniff*

This blog was really pointless and boring… But I still enjoyed writing it as writing really fills me with joy! Hopefully the weather is better wherever you are! If not then, oh well *shrugs*

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