Move out, there’s a new iphone in town!

“I’m sorry the iphone 9 can’t come through the phone… why? Oh ‘cause he’s dead!”

Ellen Degeneres said it best:

“Here’s what happened yesterday, (apple) announced the iphone 8 and then 5 minutes later they announced the new iphone 10. So the iphone 8 is already out. They went from 8 to 10. And I bet you’re wondering “what happened to iphone 9?” I think it’s clear: 7 8 9. Get it?”

So we’ve got new iphones on their way

I’m not going to buy any of them because, as Kevin Hart would say: “the way that my bank account is set up…” But if anyone needs someone to relieve them of their old iphone free of charge, please send them to me. I would gladly unburden you.

So the new iphone. Or should I say iphones? I’m not sure… Is anyone even talking about the iphone 8?

If I’m being honest, I love the gold color of the iphone 8. It looks more blushy/beige than the older gold color which I like (Not that there’s anything wrong with the old gold but I like this one a little bit better).

The all glass-look is very pretty but let’s be honest, I will need an amazing phone case for this. I like that it charges without a cable but to be honest, cable or no cable, I like it either way. Also, I never had the iphone 7 so I don’t really know how I feel about the “no headphone jack” situation. Other than that, I don’t really understand the specs talk so I’m not going to go there… But if I could afford it, I wouldn’t mind buying the iphone 8.

Now, onto the iphone X:

It’s a real step up from the iphone 8. Poor iphone 8, must be wondering why it even exist… Me too buddy… Me too…

The main new feature is of course the “all screen” screen. No more button, which is interesting. We would have to get used to that but I’m sure we can all get used to it pretty fast. I give it to apple, it’s a pretty looking phone as always. The only sad thing for me is that there is just the white one and the black one. That’s a little bit too dull for me. Maybe they should have put an interesting new color in there like a dark emerald, that would be interesting! And gorgeous also, especially with the all glass thing.

Then, let’s talk about the feature that everyone is talking about: the FaceID. That’s pretty interesting. Other phones were trying this feature but it was not that great as you could still unlock the phone with the picture of the owner. Or sometimes your phone wouldn’t recognize you because you decided to get bangs or something like that. Here apparently, the FaceID will recognize you through the changes in your life. I’m assuming it will still recognize you when you get older and wrinkly? I don’t know but that quite something. You can also use the FaceID to play around with the animoji which is one of my favorite features. It’s weird and freaky but it looks fun and I would gladly give it a go.

Once again, I’m not going to talk specs but it looks like a performant phone. And the way that they’ve put the new camera is actually not that bad so stop being drama queens. I mean, have you seen any movies about the future? Have you seen how the future looks like in those movies? It ain’t that pretty and we don’t look that pretty either so pretty is seriously the least of anybody’s problems! And actually pretty, shouldn’t be anyone’s problem, just accept that there is beauty in everything and everyone. Yes, I said it, everyone is pretty and every phone too. So on that note filled with cheese, I’m done.

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