Ode on weirdness.

Some people try to be the cool cats.

But you and I, we don’t bother,

We don’t try to have class.

Everyone around us moving in herds,

Going fast trying to catch the next train.

They might forget who they are,

But who cares? They feel like stars.

Which one will follow the next trend,

Which one will fall into a deep end.

But you and I, we stay right where we are.

We know that we don’t fit in this world.

But it’s ok because we love who we are.

We’re messing up with the rules, we make them twirl.

We dance through the rain even if things gets hard.

Nothing can change us.

We’re happy as can be.

We don’t try to be wannabes.

We’re only meant to be us.

We are strange little things.

You and I, we’re both weird.

Dr. Seuss

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