People will always try to bring the happy person down.

After a lot of analysis. Especially after analyzing some hypocrite people in my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people hate to see you happy. Whenever you’re in a good mood and you’re basically singing and humming around your house or the streets, it bothers people. It genuinely does. I used to think that it was frustrating because I’ve worked very hard to be a genuinely happy person so I thought that I really deserved to be happy. I’ve been through a lot and life has not been the nicest to me but I still try to remain positive and happy. And those stupid hypocritical people are just waiting around the corner just to pop up and say “you didn’t do this” ; “you didn’t do that” ; “you did not do that right” ; “you do everything wrong” ; “You’ll never go far in life!” ; “you never do shit. You’re a worthless piece of poop, why are you so happy?” when in reality all those things could be applied to them. Well, except for the “happy” part. Because they’re not happy. They are just not really good people that don’t do anything but complain about others. And then they feel miserable about themselves because they’re not happy in life. And not only are they not happy but they want everyone to feel as miserable as they do. Those are really not my kind of people and I try to avoid them at all cost.

Ultimately, I know what I do and don’t do. And I know who I am. So really, everything that those people are saying cannot possibly bring me down because it is not even true. At least not true for me, not sure about them though. I try not to let them get to me, it’s hard but I cannot let them affect me. One day they’ll realize that they’ve only been talking about themselves all these times but it’s not my job to make them realize that. Because what you have to know about those kind of people is that no matter what you say to them, they’ll never ever believe you! Even if you’re telling the truth. And even if you have proof and good arguments. Deep down they know that you’re telling the truth but they won’t admit it to themselves. They try so hard to believe that everyone else is a piece of poop except for them.

As for me, I know that I’m a good person. I don’t have to try hard to convince myself. I also know that I’m far from being the best. I still have my flaws and I still have a lot of growing and learning to do. But that’s the difference between them and me, I’m trying to evolve. I’m trying to get better. I know that right now I’m a good person but I also know that I can be better. And what do those people think? They think that they’re the best. That they do everything and that they do it right. They think that people are below them and that everyone should learn from them. One thing is for certain, I can totally learn from them. I’ve already learned that I absolutely do not want to be anything like them. I want people to learn from me but I’m not the ultimate teacher (no one is). I also want to learn from others: other people, other countries, other languages, other cultures, other sexualities, other genders, other religions etc… I want to keep learning and growing! And I want to leave this world with the feeling that I did my best to learn everything that I could. I don’t want to leave this world feeling miserable about myself and my life. I don’t want to leave this world feeling like everyone was just really bad and that it’s their fault that my life was so bad!

I want my life to be good. And I intend on making it good! So all the bad people, in the trash they go!

I genuinely hope that they’ll grow a brain and wake the eff up before life effs them up. But that is none of my business. I wish them luck. As for me, I’m just going to be living my little ol’ life and stay as happy as I can. I’ve got places to go and dreams that needs to come true, I don’t have time for all that negativity! ✌🏾

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