Please help me win a contest!

I really need your help, it would mean the world to me!

I’ve entered the Spylight/Teen wolf contest on instagram, we had to draw a necklace for Lydia one of the main characters or a bracelet for Malia. The winners (one for each accessory) will get his/her design made into a real necklace and the actresses that play the characters will wear the necklace during the very last episode of the very last season of Teen Wolf! If you don’t know me then you need to know that Teen Wolf has been my favorite TV show for a couple of years now and I am so sad that it is finally coming to an end. And to top it off, the final season starts the day before my birthday, on November 15th, so it’s making me even more sad and nostalgic.

I don’t think that the amount of likes on your post really helps you to be the winner or not but it would mean a lot if I get a little bit of help still. Here is my design below and my IG post. Please make sure that you like the picture and maybe tag @TeenWolf and Spylight @Spylightgram. It would really mean the world to me, honestly! I really hope that I can win this one contest. I don’t usually win anything I participate in which kind of sucks but I really hope that this time will be my lucky time! THANK YOU TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT IS WILLING TO HELP ME IN THIS! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK-END! MUCH LOVE! 💙

Here’s the second design I did:

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